Dear Teammates,

Thank you very much for your participation on the mission to Peru in January. This will be our fourth visit, but it will be the first without Rudy and Lorraine Johnson who have served God faithfully in Peru for over 40 years.  They will be retiring and replaced with two couples who will be hosting us.
Things to consider;
1.  Susalee and I decided to fly on Delta instead of American.  The flight from Atlanta reaches Lima about midnight.  From there we are spending the short night at the hotel in the airport complex (Wyndham I think).  The next morning we will be taking LanPeru to Cusco on the 9:00 AM flight.  We will be met and transported around 11 AM.
There are other flight alternatives that could be considered.  The main issue is that everyone needs to be in Cusco in order to meet the 11 am pick-up.  If you get to LIma or Cusco outside of these guidelines, then “wait”. 
On Saturday the 16th we will spend part of the day in Pisac where the camp is located and then head to Cusco for a short tour.  After that, we go to the airport for a 4 PM departure back to Lima.
2.  Our missionary contact has communicated with several local travel agents to get the best deal for Machu Picchu.  This will be on Friday after clinic is over (MondayThursday).  You will be met at the camp very early (5 AM) on Friday morning, taken by van to the train which will go to the town at the base of the mountain where the ruins are located.  A bus takes you up the mountain where a tour guide will instruct.  In mid afternoon the route will be reversed, returning you to camp around 9 PM.
The cost of the excursion is $325.  This will need to be paid outside of DCF funds.  Newer crisp bills are requested. Please email by November 25 and let us know if you plan to participate in the trip to Machu Picchu.
3.  Pisac is the name of the town where we will be working.  There’s a very nice church camp located on the outskirts of the town.  This is the site of our clinic as well as where we will be staying.  This town is known for it’s craft market where you will find some beautiful stuff.  For shoppers, bring extra cash (new bills).
4. Please review the CDC website as to the advice of which immunizations are recommended in plenty of time to be sure that you are covered.  Because of the altitude, bugs aren’t much of an issue.  Peru is a clean, healthy environment, but we want to be prepared.
We have had a few people on teams that were negatively affected by the altitude.  Your physician can prescribe a special diuretic which helps if this is a concern.
5. Please email a scanned copy of your passport to before December 1.
If anyone has questions, please pass them along.  If you are wondering about something, chances are others are too.  I’ll try to answer to the whole group.