Welcome June Peru Team

Dear Teammates,

Although we are several months away from our mission trip to Peru in June, I have already had some questions about possible flight arrangements.  Unfortunately,  traveling as a group has been very hard to arrange.  Therefore everyone will need to make their own reservations within the following time parameters;

1.  Departure U.S. on Saturday 23 June with arrival in Lima either evening that day or around midnight.
2.  Departure Lima to Cusco early on Sunday morning 24 June.  We will be met in Cusco and transported to Tombo de Gozo, a church camp in a small town called Pisac.
Multiple airlines serve this route, although I have been advised to stay away from the cheaper ones.  Please plan to arrive in Cusco no later than 8:00 AM.
3.  Departure Cusco to Lima on Saturday afternoon 30 June.  Please book no earlier than 4:00 PM.
4.  Return from Lima to U.S. on early Sunday morning 1 July.  Most of the international departures are after midnight so be sure you have the right day.

My flight connections are as follows:

6/23/18 – DL 1670 – Depart CHS at 10:15 am Arrive ATL at 11:27 am

6/23/18 – DL 151 – Depart ATL at 5:50 pm Arrive Lima at 11:35 pm

6/24/18 – AV839 – Depart: Lima at 6:10 am  Arrive: Cusco 7:30 am

6/30/18 – LA2042 – Depart: Cusco at 5:00 pm Arrive: Lima at 6:22 pm

7/1/18 – DL 150 – Depart Lima at 1:05 am Arrive at ATL at 9:00 am

7/1/18 – DL 1463 – Depart ATL at 10:50 am Arrive at 12:03 pm

Please note that several Peruvian airlines offer cheaper flights to and from Cusco, although from our research they are far more unreliable then Avianca or Latam.


**The DCF travel agent is Marvin Mast…

Marvin Jay Mast – marvinjay@goldrule.net

Travel Consultant | Golden Rule Travel

Local: 330 893 1501 | Toll Free: 800 950 3599

Clinic will operate Monday through Thursday. A one day excursion to Machu Picchu will take place on Friday. Please email dentalcommunityfellowship@gmail.com by May 1 if you would like to participate. The cost is $285. Once we know how many people are going DCF will make the reservations.

Note: In the past some people have arrived a day or two early or stayed a day or two after the trip for additional excursion. For anyone interested, please feel free to contact Llama Path Outfitters (llamapath.com) in Cusco which has been used by previous DCF trip participants.

If you have any questions about travel, please check with Katie Koon at dentalcommunityfellowship@gmail.com BEFORE purchasing tickets.

Thanks very much for your participation on this team.  We look forward to a great time of serving.

Most sincerely,
Dr. Bill