Dearest Teammates,

I trust that everyone arrived home safely without too much delay.  I can only speak for myself, but I was tired after the overnight travel.  However, mine was not as bad as the story that I heard from Wilson today about mechanical issues in Ft. Lauderdale that prevented him from arriving back to Raleigh until very late Sunday night.  Oh!

All of our luggage made it home safely except the air tank which was confiscated in Cusco.  It just looked too dangerous to the local officials.  Daniel inquired about it today and was told to forget ever hoping to get it returned.  Too bad…..  I hope that it gets put to good use.

Most sincere thanks to each of you for your participation on the team.  I continue to be blown away by God’s goodness in bringing us from very different backgrounds to put us together into a well functioning unit.  We weren’t able to meet everyone’s dental request, but we cleaned lots of teeth, did lots of restorative procedures and removed quite a few bad teeth.  In addition, Travis was able to help most of the eye patients with either readers, sun glasses, or eye drops.

Please keep the mission spirit going by staying in touch, sharing photos, praying for Daniel, Laura, and the kids, as well as DCF.  There are 3 more trips scheduled for 2017 and a full schedule in 2018.  I sure hope that we will be together again very soon.

Finally, recognize that all that we have and all that we are comes from our loving Heavenly Father.  I trust that the reason for our trip was evident to those that we served. The vision of DCF is to impact our dental world in response to Christ’s love and for His glory. The Peru trip was a tangible part of living out this vision.

Much love in Christ sent your way,
Dr. Bill