Welcome DCF Haiti Team 2018

Haiti Team

Thank you for your willingness to serve overseas with DCF. We are able to provide free dental care to the underprivileged around the world because of volunteers like you!

Please find the Haiti flight information below (Dr. Bill’s itinerary) as well as some information about where we are going.  We have transportation arranged from the airport to a small plane that will fly the team to the island of LaGonave.

If you have any questions call or email dentalcommunityfellowship@gmail.com.

Flight Guidelines:

The arrival into Port au Prince has to be the below flight or earlier, NOT LATER.

AA 3376 Nov 10 CHS to MIA – Depart: 6:00 AM 11/10/18 Arrive: 7:43 AM 11/10/18

AA 949 Nov 10 MIA to PAP – Depart: 10:43 AM 11/10/18 Arrive: 12:48 PM 11/10/18

AA 903 Nov 17 PAP to MIA – Depart: 1:55 PM 11/17/18 Arrive: 4:08 PM 11/17/18

AA 3694 Nov 17 MIA to CHS – Depart: 9:45 PM 11/17/18 Arrive: 11:34 PM 11/17/18

Where we are going?

For many years Dr. Bill and DCF teams have been serving the dental needs of patients on the island of LaGonave off the coast of Haiti.  The team is housed in the West Indies Self Help (WISH) guest house.  The WISH Dental Clinic next door to the guest house. While Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, the dental clinic where we work is one of the nicest available in a mission setting. You can learn more about WISH at http://www.haitiwish.com.

LaGonave is an island of about 100,000 people.  All the roads are dirt and there is little industry apart from subsistence farming.  Limited dental care is available, so we typically see large crowds of patients waiting for us each morning.  We typically do lots of extractions, but also offer preventive and restorative care.

WISH was begun 30 years ago as a way of introducing self sustaining projects to the island.  It’s is administered by a lovely couple from Canada and their two adopted Haitian children.  They take good care of us in clean accommodations with great food.  Consistent electricity is available, which is unique in most of Haiti.