How is a DCF mission trip connected with cowboy boots and sponsoring children’s educational needs?

Each of the sites where DCF teams visit are different, and yet the mission stays the same: we offer dental care to people in need, mentor students on the team, encourage the local church, make new friends, and enjoy the amenities of the particular site. 

DCF teams have been partnering with Good Samaritan Baptist Mission in San Marcos de Colon for the past 10 years. This ministry was founded over 60 years ago. From humble beginnings, they now operate multiple feeding centers, senior outreach, and a large school with students from preschool  through high school. Bible school graduates through their ministry have started over 200 churches since GSBM was founded. 

The only way that many children can receive a quality education in Honduras is to have a sponsor who pays. There is a unique opportunity to sponsor children in order for them to attend the Good Samaritan school. Many DCF team members have participated in this program. It’s been a very rewarding experience to not only help, but to be able to visit with the sponsored students during our visits. Stephany and Arold who head the ministry are graduates of the school.

This first team of the new year headed to Honduras before daylight on Saturday, January 6.  Prior to arrival, our Good Samaritan friends had well publicized our visit. Monday morning we were met with a long line of patients seeking care. As soon as they were screened, we began to clean, fill, and remove teeth and continued through the week.

Our group totaled 29, including 15 third and fourth year dental students, 6 dentists, 1 hygienist, and helpers. Three of our dental friends from Indiana and 3 IU seniors joined the MUSC contingent. These students are members of the Christian Medical and Dental Association student ministry at IU. 

As usual, our helpers made a tremendous impact on the efficiency of our clinic. Our friend Sue operated an eye clinic for patients to receive reading glasses, many others sanitized instruments, and others maintained our dental equipment. As always, we’re grateful for our dedicated team members.

While the countryside is pretty,  San Marcos is a quiet town. The most exciting place in town is the ice cream parlor. In addition, there is a good shoemaker who turns out some pretty fancy cowboy boots. These have become very popular among team members. Custom boots look really good with scrubs!

If you haven’t been on a trip recently, or are looking to go on your first, we are planning a return trip to San Marcos on September 14-21, 2024. Please consider coming along!