The DCF Ecuador trip is quickly approaching. I hope you are getting excited.

A couple of things…

  1. Are you planning to participate in Cotopaxi Volcano excursion on Saturday? Click here to see if we have you counted to attend. If you have replied previously then a “y” or “n” is listed beside your name.  To RSVP please complete the form below.  There will also be a small group that goes to the spa instead of the Cotopaxi tour. If you would rather go to the spa, include that in the form below.
  2. All trip payments need to be made prior to leaving for the trip. If you have a balance, you can click here to make your payment.
  3. Make sure you have not missed any information. Click here to review all the team emails that have been sent out previously.
  4. A team meeting was held on Monday. Click here to read the meeting notes.

More information will be coming during this next week.  We are praying for each of you.

Dental Community Fellowship