Dear Teammates,

As we approach the departure date for our upcoming DCF mission trip to Ecuador, I want to first of all offer my heartfelt thanks for your participation.  Past trips have proven to be great opportunities to learn, make new friends, grow spiritually, experience a new culture, encourage our partner church, as well as to have lots of fun.
I trust that 2018 will be another great experience for us all.

To those of you who have been before, there will be a few changes in 2018. You will recognize most of the trip activities and schedule from previous years.

To those who will be with us for the first time, please review the DCF Mission Handbook on the DCF website (click here) .  This gives helpful information as you plan for the trip.
Every effort is made to serve healthy and safe food.  Mosquitos are not a problem at high altitude, but it’s way to get out of breath with only modest exercise.  If you anticipate a concern in this regard, please have your physician write a prescription.

For those living in the Charleston area, we will have another team meeting on the 28th (click here to RSVP). We will pass along any pertinent information after that gathering.  However, just a few items for consideration;
1.  Most of us will be arriving late on Saturday night the 10th.  Buses will meet us to transport to Semisud, a lovely Church of God Seminary with nice accommodations.
2.  Breakfast will be at 9:00 am on Sunday morning, after which we will have our first team gathering for getting acquainted and worship.  Sunday afternoon is for either touring Quito, shopping, rest, or clinic setup.  Sunday evening after supper we will gather for clinic instructions.
3.  Clinic will run from Monday to Friday at noon.  Breakfast will be at 7:00, followed by devotions, “brush and flush”, and then buses to the church.  Evening supper is usually at 6:30 pm followed by team time.
4.  Friday afternoon is for more shopping and clinic breakdown.
5.  Saturday is a great day for heading to a small village called Papallacta about an hour and a half from Quito deep in the Andes.  We will spend several leisurely hours at the hot springs.  Massages are available.  Please bring a “modest” bathing suit.   Departure will be late Saturday night for most of the group.

If you are traveling outside the framework of most of the team, we will be coordinating your pickup and delivery.  (This may require an extra cost for taxi, etc).  Katie Koon will let you know of the plan.  Right now we are working on arrivals.  Departures will be sorted once we are in Ecuador.

If there are questions or other concerns, please feel free to pass them along.  We want everyone to have a great experience.  The only bad question is the one not asked!

Much love and appreciation to all,
Dr. Bill