Peru January 11-19, 2020

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Peru is a very popular trip due to the wonderful climate and precious people. A trip to Machu Picchu can also be arranged as part of your visit (between $250-$280). The estimated ground costs for the 2020 Peru trip is $800 for MUSC Students and $900 for all others.  These costs do not include air travel.

Please note: flights typically depart from Lima after midnight, and need to be booked on the the 19th departure. Following is Dr. Bill’s flights:


11-Jan DL 1350 CHS 11:49 AM ATL 11-Jan 1:07 PM
11-Jan DL 151 ATL 5:50 PM LIM 12-Jan* 12:35 AM
12-Jan LA 2011 LIM 5:03 AM CUZ 12-Jan 6:26 AM
18-Jan LA 2044 CUZ 7:48 PM LIM 18-Jan 9:14 PM
19-Jan DL 150 LIM 2:05 AM ATL 19-Jan 8:54 AM
19-Jan DL 1389 ATL 12:22 PM CHS 19-Jan 1:30 PM



Team Breakdown (maximum numbers):

8 students

5 dentists

9 others including wives, hygenists, dental assistants, helpers

Visit the Peru Page for more information.

Team Members:

Click here to see the CDC immunization recommendations for Peru.

Click here to learn more about what is going on in Peru.

Emergency Contact Information

Key person in Peru is Daniel Duke Phone: is 962-729-746.

Contact info for Peru US Embassy
Brian Nichols
Phone: 011-51 1 618-2000