For those in the Charleston area, a Peru team meeting will be held on Thursday, June 1 at 4:30 pm at the DCF Warehouse located at 1575 Savanah Hwy. Notes from the meeting will be sent out to everyone after the meeting. You will turn into a narrow driveway off of Savannah Hwy into Charleston Executive Park. There is a store named retale with a yellow sign right at the driveway.  Come in the building and DCF is the first door on the right.

If you have not made your final payment. Click here to do so.

Packing for June Peru Weather: Be prepared to layer.

Daytime is in the 60’s, but nighttime can be in the 30’s.

Click here for some packing list suggestions. (page 11)

Following are emergency numbers and contact information for where we are staying.  Please share this with your family members.

Emergency Contact Information:

Key person in Peru is Daniel Duke

Phone: 011 51 962.729.746


Contact info for Peru Embassy

Brian Nichols

Phone: 011-51 1 618 2000


Dr. Bill Sasser


When you arrive in Peru you will need to complete two forms. 1) peru-baggage-declaration 2) peru-immigration-card You will need the below information to complete the form.

We are staying at a guesthouse/hostel at Tambo De Gouza in Pisac.

You can click here for more information about arriving in Lima.

Please ask five people to be praying for you during your trip.

Email if you have any questions.