Peru Team Returns- See the report from one of the team members.

By February 3, 2015Mission Trips

Flag_of_Peru_04a-2A DCF team of 19 recently returned from Peru. They were able to provide dental care to the people of Pisac, Peru who don’t have access to the level of care we have here in the US. They also were able to provide an eye clinic. In addition to meeting the physical needs the team was able to show the love of Christ to the under privileged and see God at work in amazing ways in their own lives as well. Please read a follow up report and thank you from Neil Fees who helped provide the eye clinic.

From Neil:

Thank you dear friends for praying for me and my friend Neil Fees from Hill Country DSC05548Fellowship Church. God used each of us in a great way to serve Him and to further the work of His Kingdom. Our team stayed at a camp run by missionaries, Rudy & Loraine Johnson. They have served the Lord in Peru for 53 years. Our dental and eye clinics were set up at the camp. We saw town people as well as Ketchua tribe people who live high up in the mountains. Most of the Ketchua have never seen a dentist or had their eyes checked. A lot of teeth were pulled and a lot of glasses and sun glasses were given out. Many people were found to have cataracts. Unfortunately the mass of people in Peru will end up blind since they cannot afford an operation. Every person who visited this clinic were prayed for and Christian literature was made available to them. The purpose of this dental/eye clinic was to get people familiar with this camp so they so they will DSC05551see the services available. Currently, Bible studies are held on Wednesday and Sunday nights. A young couple from the USA will be starting up a church at this camp. There is also a Christian school at this camp. Rudy & Loraine will move to Lima Peru where they will do church planting in November.
Thanks again for all your prayers for us, Neil Fees and Ed McCarthy