Notes from January 5 Peru Team Meeting


  1. Logistical Travel Issues
  • Two groups are flying into Lima. Depending on your flight and layover you may want to get a hotel room in Lima. Susalee has an extra room if interested. Email if you want details on the hotel that is at the airport, where some are staying.


  • Once in Cusco it is an hour drive to Tambo De Gouza (where we are staying) bring Dramamine if you get car sick.


Travel Notes for group going from Miami to Lima

  • Let Laura and Jon who speak spanish go last so they can help with customs if needed.
  • Will have five bags. Zak and Becca have two, the other three will be bags for the missionary in Peru.


  1. Safety Precaution
  • Bring two passport pictures, a copy of your passport, and take a picture of your passport on your phone.


III. Schedule

  • Sunday afternoon most people can rest or shop while a few will set up the equipment.
  • Monday through Thursday we will work.
  • On Friday ten will go on the Machu Picchu tour and others can go shopping.


  1. Commit to pray
  • Ask others to pray for the team while we travel, in particular
  • – safe travel through customs
  • – dental procedures go well
  • – ability for our group to be a blessing to the new missionaries
  • – health, safety, unity of the team members


  1. Miscellaneous
  • Romans 5:32 will be used during morning devotion.
  • Email Katie if you have someone you would like for her to email when you arrive in

Peru. And to pass along any team updates.