Dear Teammates,

Although there’s still lots of preparations that remain to be done, I hope you are getting excited about our time together next month in Peru. Right now we have a great group of 5 dentists, 4 senior students, 3 interpreters, and 6 helpers.  This will give us enough help to do lots of routine restorative and hygiene as well as extractions. We will plan to work Monday – Thursday and either go to Machu Picchu on Friday or go to the market. The market has a lot of great items, so plan to bring extra cash for the market.

This is our 5th year that we have visited Pisac.  It’s a lovely community with incredible natural beauty.  Unfortunately, it’s not very vibrant from a spiritual standpoint and it’s our prayer that God will use our visit not only to address dental issues, but to be an encouragement to the local missionaries as they labor to bring the good news of Jesus.

Click here to review the team member handbook. This has a lot of information that may answer some of your questions.

You can click here to make your final payment for the trip. Dentists/helpers owe $750 and students owe $650 for final payment. Final payment is due now.

The cost for the Machu Picchu is $275.  You can click here to pay for the excursion, and just add in the notes section that it is for Machu Picchu.

So far I have the following registered for Machu Picchu: April Hall, Travis Hall, Rachel Hall, Missy Kupfersmith, Cape Lee, Banks Lee, Katie LeBlanc, Adam LeBlanc, Emily Martin, Ben Martin and Caroline Mitchum. I will be sending this information with passports to our missionary contact today so that we can get the best rate as soon as I receive everyone’s passport.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  Call 803-269-9899.