Peru 2018 Flight Guidelines

By September 27, 2017October 19th, 2017Uncategorized

DCF will serve in Cuzco, Peru January 6-14.  Please review the following flight guidelines.  If you have questions, please do NOT purchase a ticket until you have checked with Katie Koon or Dr. Bill.

DL 1350 CHS ATL 06 Jan 11:30 AM 06 Jan 12:44 PM

DL 0151 ATL LIM 06 Jan 05:51 PM 07 Jan 12:35 AM

AV839  LIM CUS 07 Jan 05:20 AM 07 Jan 6:39 AM

AV830 CUS LIM 13 Jan 5:08 PM 13 Jan 6:35 PM

DL 0150 LIM ATL 14 Jan 02:05 AM 14 Jan 08:53 AM

DL 1389 ATL CHS 14 Jan 12:15 PM 14 Jan 01:25 PM

Baggage Info

+++Please note:  If you plan a departure or a return flight on different days (going early or staying in Peru later) please know that most of the time it will be necessary for team participants to take a checked bag of dental supplies as their luggage.  “If” for some reason you are not prepared to do so, then please be prepared to pay the extra bag fee for another member of the team who will have to take an extra bag.