Dear Teammates,

I trust that you are both getting prepared and excited about our trip to Ecuador on Saturday.  As you probably know, there are many details that go into an outreach such as this, both in the U.S., as well as in Ecuador.  We are seeking God’s direction and help as we make our preparations for the practical aspects of what to pack from a dental standpoint as well as the spiritual and relational aspects of our team.  In addition, our host church has lots to do to get ready for our visit.  It’s very important not to forget to prepare our hearts as well as our bags.

The following is a general schedule for the week.

Saturday of arrival;
Transit from the airport to Semisud (Church of God Seminary) where we will be staying in Quito.  We will be met outside of the customs area.  For those arriving late, please remember to be quiet when you arrive at the seminary.

Breakfast at 8:00.
Gather in the meeting room at 9:00 for introductions, instructions, worship.
Lunch at 12:00.
Options for the afternoon;
1.  Hike in rain forest to a waterfall.
2.  Tour of old town Quito.
3.  Set up dental clinic.
4.  Rest
Supper at 6:30 followed by the first of a video series entitled “Greater Than”, then clinic orientation.

7:00 am Breakfast followed by devotional, brush&flush

8:00 am  load buses
9:00 am – 5:00 pm Clinic/School visits/eye clinic/medical screening at Verbo Church
6:30 – 9:00 pm Supper followed by evening gathering for debriefing, sharing, worship, teaching, small groups, end by 9:00.
Lunch will be provided by the church about 12:30.

Same schedule with the exception of holding just a morning clinic.
Lunch at Verbo
Afternoon options;
1.  Clinic breakdown/packing
2.  Shopping excursion to downtown Quito
Supper at 6:30 with our final team time all together

7:00 am Breakfast
Options for the day;
1.  Trip to Cotopaxi Volcano
2.  Trip to Papallacta Hot Springs and Spa
3.  Rest at Semisud
6:00 pm Supper

Departure for U.S. (Varies)

Just a few remainders:
1. We are in final stages of packing bags and will let you know this week if you need to take a bag.  There may be a cost for you to check a bag so check with your air carrier.  Remember–if you do not take a bag there you still may have to bring a bag home with you.

2. A composite is attached for you to help you recognize your team members at the airport.  You can save the composite to your phone. Ecuador Composite Ecuador Composite PDF

3.Cooperation, flexibility, and a sense of humor are essential components of having a successful and enjoyable trip.
4.  Everyone needs a good headlight with plenty of batteries or a charger.  This is most true for all clinical people (including helpers).
5.  Sheets and towels are provided at the seminary where will be staying.
6.  All food served has been prepared with love and safety in mind.  However, if you have special dietary tastes/needs, please bring sufficient snacks in order to accommodate.
7.  Only drink bottled water.
8.  Toilet tissue goes in waste basket, not flushed.
9.  “Lone rangers” don’t make good team members.
10.  We are coordinating flight pickup and returns.