The first DCF team of 2017 recently returned from another visit high in the Andes of Peru.  This was our fifth visit to a beautiful community in the “sacred valley” near the small village of Pisac, about an hour outside of Cusco.  This location is in the heart of what was once the Inca empire.  Terraces constructed 800 years ago rim the mountains around the camp where we set up clinic.  While the air is thin (10,000 ft), the scenery is breathtaking.  The Heavens truly declare the glory of God.

Our team was quite diverse, with members from Europe (England and Norway), California, Colorado, as well as good ole South Carolina.  Nine MUSC seniors were mentored by six graduate dentists.  What a great opportunity for almost one on one instruction.  We were busy all week rendering preventive and restorative care in addition to removing hurting teeth.  Service learning was never more evident than on this trip.  Almost 800 services were rendered during clinic.

In addition to dental work, a good friend from Texas was able to offer optical help with reading and sunglasses and eye drops.  This brings even more to be served.  The native Quechua Indians are lovely, gentle people whose lives are quite difficult.  It was a sincere pleasure to be able to help many of them.

Opportunities for the handicapped are limited in Peru and it was a privilege to serve a lovely Down’s syndrome child.  It was sad to see so many badly decayed teeth, but comforting to be able to remove them and to see the love in the mother’s eye for this special child.  God promises in His Word to one day redeem all tears and restore broken bodies to wholeness.  What a great promise to keep us looking up for our help and hope.

All work and no play can be too much so at the end of the week, most of the team traveled to view the ruins of Machu Picchu, an amazing Inca town high upon a mountain.  There are lots of questions in life, but just “how and why” this city was built still confounds experts.

Because of the desire for others to visit Peru, DCF is planning a second trip in June of 2017.  If interested, please let us know.  In the mean time, sincere thanks for your interest, support, and prayers for this ministry.

Peru 5Peru 8Machu Picchu 2Peru 9