A word from Dr. Bill Sasser.

A team of 13 returned to San Jose, Costa Rica on May 4, to serve alongside our friends of “Go For the City Ministries”. Pastor Miguel, his wife Karina, team coordinator Andrea, their driver Brian, and Pastor Miguel’s parents labored hard all week with their generous accommodations. Besides long days in the clinic, we were spoiled by some wonderful local food. Everyone enjoyed delicious rice and beans accompanying each meal.

The DCF team consisted of 4 dentists, 1 hygienist, 4 MUSC students, 1 P.A., and 2 volunteers who happened to be wives. Collectively, dental care was provided for over 300 patients. Most received cleaning along with fillings and removal of hurting teeth. The host church had several loving evangelists who visited with patients prior to dental treatment. Many made professions of faith in response to the truth of Scripture.

Let me quickly add that short term mission trips are about a lot more than numbers of patients served, prayers rendered, or hearts pointed in the direction of the Savior. For those who had never been on a trip such as this, it is hoped that this is just the beginning of a career in volunteer service. For others, the times of sharing our lives in conversation, play, and Bible study were deeply enriching and meaningful. 

“Go For the City” is a ministry whose home base is their local church, but one which is not confined by walls. Besides worship and teaching, they have a broad based outreach to the community. Over a million Nicaraguans have moved to Costa Rica to escape a poor economy and an oppressive government. These immigrants live in close quarters where “Go For the City” funds a feeding and educational program. In addition, they have a meal outreach each week to the homeless on the streets of San Jose. DCF team members were deeply moved by the plight of these groups and we returned home more committed to continuing our support by returning in ‘25.

Please click the link below to watch a heart-warming video of our trip.



Dr. Bill Sasser