For many years Dr. Bill and DCF teams have been serving the dental needs of patients on the island of LaGonave off the coast of Haiti.  We plan to return  November 11-19 to work with our friends at West Indies Self Help (WISH).  While Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, the dental clinic where we work is one of the nicest available in a mission setting.

LaGonave is an island of about 100,000 people.  All the roads are dirt and there is little industry apart from subsistence farming.  Limited dental care is available, so we typically see large crowds of patients waiting for us each morning.  We typically do lots of extractions, but also offer preventive and restorative care.

WISH was begun 30 years ago as a way of introducing self sustaining projects to the island.  It’s is administered by a lovely couple from Canada and their two adopted Haitian children.  They take good care of us in clean accommodations with great food.  Consistent electricity is available, which is unique in most of Haiti.

We will depart Charleston on Friday afternoon the 11th and overnight in Miami.  Early Saturday morning we will depart on American Airlines for Port au Prince.  After collecting our luggage, we will immediately head 1/2 mile to the domestic airport where Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is located.  They will fly us the 12 miles to LaGonave where we will be met and transported to the WISH guesthouse.  Clinic runs MondayFriday, with a return home on Saturday the 19th.

The work in Haiti can be challenging, but it’s also very rewarding.  Every DCF team that has ever been to Haiti has valued the learning and service opportunity.

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