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Jamaica – TBA

By October 24, 2017Trip Applications

American Caribbean Experience (ACE) is a ministry begun over twenty years ago in St. Mary’s Parrish on the northern coast of Jamaica.  I heard about ACE and was interested to learn more.  This past June, I traveled there for a site visit.

St. Mary is a couple hours from Montego Bay.  The base of operations for ACE is a motel called the Galena Breeze which is located right on a cliff overlooking the ocean.  It’s a beautiful spot.  (A great jerk chicken shack is located next door).

Jamaica is a country of contrasts.  It’s a very popular tourist destination.  People from all over the world travel there to vacation.  There’s lots of natural beauty all around.  Nevertheless, all one has to do is to travel just a few miles off the main road to find communities of abject poverty.

During our site visit we went to several small government heath clinics and met staff who told how badly that dental care is needed in these communities. I determined during that visit to bring a small team to address some of the more pressing dental disease.  The June 2018 team is being organized for this purpose will be primarily for extractions.