Hello Ecuador Team

By April 2, 20182018 Ecuador Updates

Dearest Teammates,

I trust that after two weeks of hard work and lots of sickness, that everyone is mostly recovered by now.  What an experience on multiple fronts.  Ecuador 2018 will not soon be forgotten.

It was another great privilege to serve the many patients that came to the clinic.  Demand for services was highly that usual and I want to thank everyone on the team for their hard work.  While a trip like ours is not about numbers, we can celebrate the effort as an offer to our God.  We rendered almost 1,500 dental procedures, along with over 500 optical patients being see, as well as several hundred medical screenings.

I deeply regret the sickness that occurred and want everyone to know that we will redouble our efforts to assure the highest quality water and food.  I hope that things will be even better in the future.

Thanks to those of you in the Charleston area who celebrated on Wednesday night with some great pizza.  Making new friends and building relationships is one of the neat aspects of the trip.  Please stay in touch  and hopefully many of us will have other opportunities to serve on another team as well as to enjoy each other’s company in town.

Couple things;
1.  If anyone has suggestions of how we might change to make things better, please pass them along.
2.  Please note that our next DCF gathering is set for Wednesday April 11 at Kickin Chicken west ashley.  Our speaker will be Dr. Greg Orsarmarsi, a young MUSC grad who went straight from school into private practice.  He will be sharing his perspective on life, dentistry, family, and God.

Thank you for being a part of the team.

Dr. Bill