Haiti Update

By November 19, 2014Mission Trips

From Courtney, a DCF Haiti 2014 team member:

Hey Friends and Supporters!

Everyone in Haiti is doing well. A few of us have mild colds but no fever and we are working through it.  Today has been another fruitful day full of fellowship and productive dentistry!

This is my third mission trip with DCF and I am so thankful to be on a trip with this group of people. When everybody forgets to think of themselves things always come together and that is exactly what is happening here. It may be hard to imagine but we are practicing dentistry in 90 degree weather with no AC and it’s really difficult to tell if the moisture on your body is from saliva or your own sweat. In a situation like this God has still managed to provide us with laughter and good attitudes.

Haiti is by far the most extreme poverty that I have seen personally. I am so thankful that we are here to serve these people even though what we are providing doesn’t even touch their need. Please pray that the people we are serving will have open hearts and continue to pray for the health and safety of our team. We are definitely receiving the blessings of prayers from home!

Courtney for the DCF Haiti team