Thank you to each of you for sending in your flight information for the Haiti DCF Trip. Following is some information to help you prepare for the upcoming trip.  As always please email with any questions.

Medical Preparation for the trip

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) provides up-to-date lists of immunizations needed when traveling to different countries. Click here for a list of immunizations suggested for those traveling to Haiti.

Travel Insurance

Dental Community Fellowship will purchase short term insurance for all team members. This insurance will cover immediate medical evacuation if needed.


Please plan to pack your belongings in a carry on luggage so that you can check a bag that has dental supplies.  Not all team members have to carry a DCF bag but if you plan to do so it will make the process smoother.


The cost of the trip is due one month prior to the trip.  You can pay online at, just click the donate tab and follow the directions.

Team Member Handbook 

Click here to read the team member handbook for useful information that will help you prepare for the trip.