Dear Teammates,

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, Haiti needs us more than ever.  I heard from our WISH missonary friends on LaGonave and the island was spared the worst of the storm.  They are well and anticipating our visit.

I am heading to Ecuador next week, but will be working on dental packing when i return.  I’m not sure how many bags of supplies that we will have, but anyone in Charleston, please plan on checking on bag of dental items.  Unfortunately American Airlines continues to raise fees and i’m not even sure that they allow one bag to be checked now without cost.  Spending a night in Miami makes it even more complicated, but I hope to stay in the airport inside the terminal which is where we left the luggage last time.

Thanks for being a part of this mission service, mostly for God as well as for the people of Haiti.


Following are a couple pictures from Haiti that WISH recently put on Facebook during a break in the storm.