Great Job Peru Team

By January 17, 2017Jan Peru 2017

Dear Teammates,

Great job!!!
Each of you contributed tremendously to what I hope was a successful week of service.  I trust that the students learned lots from a clinical standpoint.  It was a unique opportunity to have almost one on one instruction.  Much appreciation to each of you.

I was thrilled with the support from Daniel and his team.  I trust that many of the people that we saw will be interested in becoming involved in the start of a church.  Addressing dental needs is a wonderful privilege, but loving people and introducing them to Jesus us more important.  Great food and plenty of hot water makes for a very comfortable week.

I want to personally thank each of you for your willingness to participate.  Every part of the body was truly needed for us to function in such an efficient manner.  This is such a tangible reminder of how the body of Christ is supposed to function.

Please pass along your best photos to Katie as well as any personal reflections of our time together for use in a future DCF publication.  Stay in touch and as God leads, please come back on another team real soon.

Love to all,