Final Haiti Preparations

By November 6, 20172017 Haiti Communication

Dear Haiti Teammates,

Time is fast approaching for our departure to Haiti.  I still have lots to do to get the dental stuff ready, but will hopefully be ready by the time of departure.

Several things to keep in mind;
1.  Pack light.  There is a washing machine available if needed.
2.  Bring water shoes if you have them.  There are some in Haiti, but sizes vary.
3.  Be sure to bring your headlight.  The electricity in haiti is 110 with US style plugs.
4.  The food is great, but feel free to bring snacks.
5.  Cell phone service is spotty and is internet.  We have always been able to get messages home, but not downloading pics or streaming.
6.  I will have all of the dental bags at the airport in plenty of time for departure.  I meet the Customs and Border Patrol agents at baggage claim at 4:00 AM.After the bags are certified, then they will be distributed to each team member to check as your luggage.
There will be a list of the items in each bag so that you will know what you are being asked to carry.
7.  If anyone has questions, please pass them along.  Others may be thinking the same thing.

Blessings and thanks for your participation,
Dr. Bill