Emergency Information for Ecuador

By March 7, 2017MarEcuador2017

Following is the Ecuador emergency contact information for you to share with your family.

US Embassy Contact
(593-2) 398-5000
Avigiras E12-170 y ave. Eloy Alfaro
(Junto a SOLCA)

Semisud Address (where we are staying)
Ave. Antonio Tandazo s/n, Urbanizacion Cazhapamba/Valle de Los Chillios
(593-2)2-091-501 or (593-2) 2-091-186

Dr. Bill Sasser – 843-345-5025
Susalee Sasser – 843-697-1833

Tammy Ramirez – 593-9-9-323-3923
E-mail: tamyvintimilla@hotmail.com

Click to see the Departing Home flight list and the Arrive Ecuador list to see who will be on the flight with you. Print the Ecuador Composite to help you identify those on your flight.

You will need the address and phone number of where we are staying to include on a form the airlines will give you to complete and give to customs.

Please note, when you leave the US airport gate, it is advised to no longer drink the water or brush your teeth with the water.

Remember, if you picked up a nametag at the meeting, be sure to bring it with you.

If you have not already, go back through the team emails and make sure you have read all the information.


See you soon.