Hi Team Ecuador

I’d like to share a few suggestions about your health and well being during our upcoming

trip.  The team has some common over the counter meds and first aid supplies for

routine minor illnesses and accidents. I am sure you can appreciate that we cannot

predict or carry everything that 88 folks might need for 8 days.

With long travel, change of diet, and working @ 9000 ft above sea level you may

experience some physiologic changes.  One of the more common illnesses that we see

is an allergic or head stuffiness kind of discomfort and another is constipation.

Abundant drinking water will be provided and hydration is THE best way to help

minimize all the potential discomforts, but for those things that need extra help may I


• If you know that you have migraine headaches, please bring what you usually

take for same.

• If you routinely need some kind of digestive aid, please bring what you usually

take.  Chances are, we won’t have the exact med you are accustomed to.

• Ladies, bring whatever feminine products you normally use, even if you don’t

expect to need it this particular week.  We DO NOT stock these.

• Contact Lens wearers: please bring cleaning and wetting solution and a case.

We do have some limited supplies.  NOTE: you can bring large containers in a

separate zip loc thru security of contac lens solutions as they are considered

medicinal.   I have personally done this successfully to and from Ecuador.

And Remember:

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus,

Janet Brasfield

Dr. Mom, Nurse Pepto-Bismol, Your Servant

(Medical Coordinator)