The DCF spring break mission trip will be to Quito, Ecuador March 12-20.  Please review the following flight guidelines.

1.  Departure on Saturday March 12.
2.  Airport pickup in Quito will be twice, afternoon and late evening.
3.  Return airport transportation will be either afternoon, Saturday March 19 or early Sunday morning March 20.

Following are possible flights for the trip for your review. The below flights are some that have already been booked by team members for you to see a couple of options.


2234, CHS to ATL March 12 2:00 PM March 12 3:19PM

0673 ATL to UIO March 12 5:35 pm March 12 10:50 PM

American Airlines

4292 CHS to MIA March 12 7:05 AM March 12 8:45 AM

947 MIA to UIO March 12 9:45 AM March 12 2:03 PM

932 UIO to MIA March 20 6:55 AM March 20 12:14 PM

4408 MIA to CHS March 20 1:49 PM March 20 3:30 PM

American Airlines

4292 CHS to MIA March 12 7:05 AM March 12 8:45 AM

MIA to UIO March 12 6:36 PM March 12 10:55 PM

7657  UIO to MIA March 19 1:20 PM March 19 6:40 PM

4291 MIA to CHS Mar 19 9:20 PM March 19 11:06 PM

Jet Blue

1131 CHS to FLL Mar 19 7:40 am Mar 19 9:14 AM

285 FLL to UIO Mar 19 7:05 pm Mar 19 11:30 PM


+++++If you are planning an arrival or departure outside of these travel guidelines, please double-check with Katie Koon or Dr. Bill first before purchasing a ticket.  Costs of individual transportation outside of the above guidelines are not included in the trip fee.

Baggage Info

+++Please note:  If you plan a departure or a return flight on different days (going early or staying in Ecuador later) please know that most of the time it will be necessary for team participants to take a checked bag of dental supplies as their luggage.  “If” for some reason you are not prepared to do so, then please be prepared to pay the extra bag fee for another member of the team who will have to take an extra bag.