There was an earthquake earlier this week in Ecuador and Mark reached out to Andrea for an update. Mark asked that we share her email response.

Dear Mark’

Thanks for your prayers! we really need it! The earthquake was strong 7.5, there is around 488 people who dye and 4065 injured. I’m traveling at Thursday morning with a team of doctors and some people of the us, to one of the most affected areas. So please if you can help us we are collecting money donations in this link

This money will be for we can buy what they are needing now, drinkable water, food, mattresses, blankets, medicine. So if you can share this link if anybody wants to collaborate would be amazing!

Thanks to God me and family are good, but there is some many people who lost everything that they had.

Please keep us in your prayers for strength for those families! And for we can share the gospel there, I know our God is gonna do amazing things from the ashes!



Also, I want to update you on Stefan’s shoulder. He is doing well after having surgery on April 14 to repair a small tear and remove a bony fragment.  He expects a full recovery. Please keep him in your prayers as he continues to heal.

Take care.