Ecuador Countdown…

By March 5, 20182018 Ecuador Updates

Dear Teammates,

I don’t know about you, but this time every year finds me excited about our upcoming trip to Ecuador, while at the same time being somewhat apprehensive that everything goes well.  Some of you may remember hearing about how I forgot to pack handpieces (drills for those who non dental) two years ago.  This proved to be a tangible example of God’s faithfulness.  In short order through prayer, discussion, and God’s guidance, we figure out how to redeem the oversight and a lovely “angel” brought the needed equipment literally overnight.

Lots of time and preparation has gone into the planning for the trip.  We trust that everything is in place, but remember how important that “flexibility” is to the success of one’s mission experience.

It has been my sincere privilege to be a part of service trips like this one for many years.  Our annual visit to Quito, Ecuador is always a highlight of our year.  Thanks for giving of your time, treasure, and talent in serving.  Keep in mind the following;  “Be joyful always’ pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Dr. Bill

Reminders from last weeks team meeting:

Food Allergies:

We have noted a few food allergies. Managing them might be difficult.  If you require medicine for an allergy other than just avoiding them please let us know. We try to accommodate, but specific requests are not always possible.


Saturday – Buses will pick us up on Saturday from the airport. Most of us will arrive around the same time with the delta people bringing the bulk of the dental bags. We have scheduled two buses and we will want to load the dental luggage as a first priority.

Sunday – breakfast at 9 am

team gathering for orientation and Sunday worship

afternoon options:

1) Clinic set up team (you will know if you are in this group)

2) Quito Cable Car Excursion or Equator Park (depends on weather)

3) Shopping (main shopping excursion will be on Friday afternoon)

Dinner and team meeting

Monday – Thursday

Breakfast/Devotion – 7 am

Board Buses – 8 am

Clinic – 9 am – 5 pm

Noon – lunch coordinated by church

Dinner – 6:30 pm

Team Time – 7:30 pm


same as above although clinic ends at 12:30 pm

Shopping – 1:30 pm

except clinic breakdown team


Breakfast/devotion – 7 am

Board Buses to Papallacta Hot Springs – 8 am (

(bring conservative bathing attire)

• Entry fee paid for by DCF

• Massages available for addtl. $45 – must reserve early in the week

Dentists /Assistants/ Dental Students: 

Remember to bring headlight and loupes, you need them both to operate.

Instructions for bags

Many team members will be needed to take a DCF bag as their checked luggage. We will confirm who will need to take a bag by email. Please plan to pack personal items as carry on luggage. Note, you may elect to check a personal bag but any fees will be born personally.

If You Take A DCF Bag:

You will be supplied a list of items that are in the DCF bag you are asked to check.

For those departing from Charleston we will be at the airport at 9 am to distribute the majority of the bags and answer any questions about bags.

You will be responsible for that bag from departure to loading on the bus in Quito, including going through customs. We are hoping to take most bags on delta but if you are on another airline you will be notified to pick up a dental bag before your departure.

Please Note: Check in online the night before your flight.

Miscellaneous Items:

Trip fee covers all expenses, other than personal shopping, massages, and transportation outside main group. US dollars is the currency, its easier house smaller bills for shopping.

Packing list is included in team member handbook.

Call credit card companies and let them know you are traveling to Ecuador.

Limited internet access, check with cell phone provider about international service.

Save the date for Charleston Reunion on March 28 at Mellow Mushroom on King Street.