The following is a report of Dr. Bill’s mission trip with Global Health Outreach to the Dominican Republic in October 2023. If you are interested in serving locally or internationally as part of a dental missions team, reach out to us at

It’s hard for me to fully express my appreciation to God for bringing us through the covid crisis and allowing us to return to “normal”. This has been a full year of travel, having just returned from a joint medical-dental trip serving in a men’s prison in the Dominican Republic with Global Health Outreach.

The Bible clearly states in Matthew 25:6……”I was in prison and you came to me.” It may seem a bit strange to say, but serving prisoners who have few options for care can be a rewarding experience. Many years ago before Susalee and I were married we participated in a ministry called Kairos in the U.S. Since then we have worked in prisons in many different countries. While confinement is tragic, there is freedom in one’s heart by personally knowing Jesus.








Ken Parker is a young dentist who was one of our leaders in DCF. He joined me on the trip along with our good friend, Dr. David Hayward from Atlanta. Both have dedicated a portion of their lives to support dental mission efforts, David for many years and Ken beginning early in his practice career to make volunteerism a priority. The three of us made for a very efficient dental team rendering care to about 150 patients for restoration, cleaning, and extractions.

As we look ahead, DCF has a full schedule of international service trips in 2024. Please continue to pray for and support DCF’s mission “to impact our dental lives in response to God’s love and for His glory”.