Come listen as Dr. Bill and Susalee Sasser along with other mission minded people speak at the Entrust Missions Conference held in Charleston February 9th and 10th at James Island Christian Church. The theme for the conference is focused on how the local church, operating biblically, should reach the nations with the  gospel affecting lasting transformation. There will be speakers from Africa, Europe, and Asia who have made incalculable impact on the kingdom of heaven.

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The desire of Entrust Conference is to see the role of the local church in mission be exposed and elevated back to a place where Christ and his apostles intended it to be. We hope to accomplish this by unpacking the idea of what it means to entrust the gospel to faithful people who will in turn give that same message on to those who will do the same. This conference will afford personal opportunities to fellowship with missionaries, gain a clear understanding of the Church’s responsibility to the nations, and offer practical application for becoming catalytic servants of Christ both locally and abroad. The local church in Acts, who were faithful to the commission of Christ, has transformed history. Our desire is to equip local church bodies with that same vision and capacity.  We pray that many of our congregation and of this city will hear the call to go beyond Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to the nations.