Dr. Bill and Susalee traveled this month with our dear friend from the U.K., Nigel Mallon, a delightful young dentist from Nigeria, two physicians and Pastor Russ Bennett from James Island Christian Church to Cameroon in West Africa.  We served patients both at Mbingo Hospital and during community outreach arranged by a committed group of pastors from the local Baptist church located close to the hospital.  The locale was the English speaking portion of the country in a beautiful area of mountains, brilliant green at this time of year.
A wide range of experiences were part of the trip makeup.  These included serving needy dental patients, observing/assisting in the OR, hiking, worship, sharing good conversation and great meals.
We went to Cameroon primarily to visit and work alongside a wonderful for young medical couple from Charleston who have been working at Mbingo Hospital for the past year and a half.  It was a joy to share time with the team and the Schmedes family (Gregg, Kelly and their 4 children).
+++Note—-the funny looking clothes in the picture were gifts from the church who hosted us.

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