Global Health Outreach is the short term mission division of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA).  This is the parent organization of DCF.  Dr. Bill has been privileged to lead trips for GHO for many years.  The mix of participants on this particular team ranged from physicians and dentists, physical therapists, pharmacists, nurses, and even a Christian illusionist who defied the kids and even the adults with his magic tricks.  It was a very unique way of presenting the gospel.

The focus of GHO is to support the work of local pastors in the rural areas of Nicaragua.  The team flew from Managua and landed on a dirt airstrip which was located in the middle of this small town.  Talk about excitement for the passengers and residents.

More than a thousand patients were served by the team in the four long clinic days.  In the dental clinic, there was an overwhelming amount of tooth decay seen.  Local diets are loaded with sugar and without fluoride, the prospects for maintaining one’s natural dentition is poor.  Even teenagers had front teeth removed.  Very sad!

While teams like these can only scratch the surface of the medical and dental need in a community such as the one that was visited, many people did receive help.  Three humble pastors were mentored by the team to continue to labor to bring the “good news of Christ” to those who live without hope of a better life someday.