dominican2Overseas Partner:

Debbie and Mitch Martinez,

Website :

Time of year:


(2013)Average # of…

Students: 2-8
Dentists: 4 (1 oral surgeon)
Hygienists: 0
Helpers: 4

1st years (yes or no) Yes
2nd years (y/n) Yes (depending on boards)
3rd years (y/n) Yes
4th years (y/n) Yes

Services Provided:

Fillings, Cleanings, Extractions

dominican4Average # of people served:


Activities other than clinic time:

Church services, worship, small group at the beginning and end of each day
Able to spend a lot of time with the missionaries
Last day spent at the beach

Typical week:

Saturday: fly out of US early morning, arrive in Santo Domingo in the afternoon, load luggage on bus, drive to La Vega, unload luggage, announce room assignments, crash
Sunday: church service, set up clinic, evening worship
Monday-Thursday: clinic, pack up Thursday night
Friday: Spend the day at the beach, shopping
Saturday: leave for airport early morning, fly home

dominican3Typical day:

Rise and shine at 6:45-7:00am
Breakfast at 7:30am
Devotional at 8:00am
Drive to clinic from 8:30-8:45am
Clinic from 9:00-12:30ish
Lunch from 12:30ish-1:30ish
Clinic from 1:30 to 5:00pm
Return to Missionary’s home from 5:00-5:30pm
Dinner at 6:00-6:30ishpm
Wash up, small group discussion, some worship around 7:30

Free time 8:30-9:00-ish until bed
Hit the sack whenever, sometimes as late as 11:00-11:30

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