DCF Team Ecuador Reminders

By February 27, 20182018 Ecuador Updates

Reminder – A final team meeting will be held Wednesday, February 28 • 6pm • at James Island Christian Church Gym located on Sawgrass Rd. If you have not provided a composite picture, we will take pictures at the team meeting or you can email a picture to dentalcommunityfellowship@gmail.com.

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If you have not already, review the flight itineraries and make sure I have your information correct. (ie. PM vs AM and the correct dates) – Click here

You can Click here to make your final payment online.

By the way… Thank you to everyone who sent in the passports today!! Everyone was quick to respond – thank you!  We only have about 8 more to receive.  That was quite the team effort. For those that might be unaware, the Ecuadorian government informed us today that they wanted to receive a copy of 53 passports by tomorrow February 27. (If you did not receive an email asking for your passport, you did not have to provide one).

You can click here to review all the team information that has been sent out to date.