Dental Bites: DCF Spring Break Mission trip to Quito, Ecuador

Dental Community Fellowship (DCF) recently concluded their annual spring break mission trip to Quito, Ecuador, led by Dr. Bill Sasser, MUSC Class of 1973, and his wife, Susalee Sasser. This year’s trip was particularly special as it marked the first time the team was able to travel since the COVID-19 pandemic. DCF aims to create an environment that fosters Christian relationships between students and doctors, allowing for personal growth. By partnering with local churches and mission organizations, DCF is able to provide dental care to underserved populations around the world using portable equipment.

This year’s team consisted of 23 dental students, 17 dentists, and 12 volunteers, who provided over 1,000 patients with free hygiene, restorative, endodontic, and vision treatments, as well as extractions, with a focus on preventative care. Each dental student received one-on-one mentorship from MUSC dental alumni and other dentists, resulting in the completion of over 300 restorative procedures.

The passion of the participating dentists to use their skills to serve those in need was evident and deeply appreciated. Reflecting on the trip, Dr. Sasser stated, “I prefer the term vision trip because we can ask what does this trip mean in our life not only for now, and not only for dental school, but what does it mean for the future.” While the trip allowed dental students to enhance their clinical skills and expand their network, the most rewarding aspect for many was serving the underprivileged population in Quito clinically and spiritually. As DCF student leader Nate Calvert, D4, eloquently stated, “I hope they (the patients) forget about us and remember our Jesus.”

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