Can you believe that we are now seeing what we hope is an end to the pandemic?
Praise God for how rapidly the covid vaccines were developed.

It’s now been almost a year and a half since a DCF team served overseas. We have
missed each other and our friends in other countries. Lots of things have changed, and
yet the need for the good news of Christ along with the need for dental care remains

Our friends at Global Health Outreach have been sending teams overseas since the
beginning of May without any concern or health issues among the various teams.
International airline service is returning to pre pandemic levels, We feel confident and
optimistic in returning to service.

The second dental mission trip that I ever took was to Honduras over 25 years ago. I
have lost track, but estimate that I’ve visited there almost 40 times in the intervening
years. It’s therefore most appropriate that our first post-pandemic trip should be working
with our Good Samaritan Mission partnership.

The dates for the trip are September 18-25. We will arrive mid-day on Saturday, travel
to San Marcos where we stay at the mission house. We will worship on Sunday and
after lunch set up the clinic in order to be ready for patients on Monday morning. Our
return to the U.S. will be the following Saturday.

Because of continuing restrictions at MUSC, we will likely be without student help so
extra hands are needed. Please give consideration to joining with us.
Also, if the September date is not good, I will be leading a GHO team to prisons in the
Dominican Republic October 16-24.

For more information, please feel free to call or write, or (843)
345-5025. Application is now open under trip applications.