DCF Peru Team

Thank you for your willingness to serve overseas with DCF. We are able to provide free dental care to the underprivileged around the world because of volunteers like you!

Your DCF team will travel to Peru January 7-15.  This will be our 5th year serving in Pisac. There’s a very nice church camp located on the outskirts of the town.  This is the site of our clinic as well as where we will be staying (see pictures below).  This town is known for it’s craft market where you will find some beautiful stuff.  For shoppers, bring extra cash (new bills).

Flights: We have booked the following flights. (Delta, American and United all have flights from US to Peru arriving in the middle of the night).
Last year after arriving in the middle of the night, we went to the airport hotel for a few hours sleep, however, most of us agreed that it wasn’t worth the expense. Therefore, we are electing to stay in the airport and be ready for the 5:20 am departure on Avianca Airlines to Cusco. The missionary said that the early morning pickup would not be a problem.  This will put us arriving in Pisac early enough to hopefully get some sleep Sunday morning.
We booked the Delta and Avian flights separately , rather than as a connection through one website.  It was less expensive this way.
As for our return, we will have all day on Saturday the 14th for shopping and a brief tour of Cusco before returning to Lima.
Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Please do NOT book flights outside these parameters without previous permission.

DL 1350 – CHS ATL Jan 7 11:30 AM Jan 7 12:45 PM

DL 0151 – ATL LIM Jan 7 5:40 PM Jan 8 12:25 AM

Avianca 839  – Lima to Cusco Jan 8 5:20 AM Jan 8 6:39 AM

Avianca 830 – Cusco to Lima Jan 14 4:58 PM Jan 14 6:25 PM

DL 0150 – LIM ATL Jan 15 1:55 AM Jan 15 8:40 AM

DL 1389 – ATL CHS Jan 15 12:10 PM Jan 15 1:22 PM

Medical Issues: Please review the CDC website as to the advice of which immunizations are recommended in plenty of time to be sure that you are covered.  Because of the altitude, bugs aren’t much of an issue.  Peru is a clean, healthy environment, but we want to be prepared.

We have had a few people on teams that were negatively affected by the altitude.  Your physician can prescribe a special diuretic which helps if this is a concern.
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