What to Bring (Personal Items)

A copy of your health history form…include blood type

A copy of your passport photo page (store in separate location from the original) and 2 extra passport size photos

Bible/devotional and other reading materials

Camera, extra batteries

Clothing (modest apparel)

Comfortable shoes (athletic shoes are fine), shower shoes

Plastic water bottle

Flashlight (small, with extra batteries)

Insect repellant (aerosol containers not allowed on airlines)

Medications (pack in your carry-on bag!)

Pens, pad, journal

Phone numbers (emergency numbers and email addresses for parents, guardians, etc.)







Climate and Dress

Most team members working in or around the clinic area prefer to wear scrubs. Since there are usually 4 ½ clinic work days on a one week trip, you may want to pack 2 scrub bottoms and 4 tops. Non-dental team members may also wear scrubs or casual clothes. We are going to be served, not to be envied.

Temperatures vary widely depending on trip locale. Check online for daily averages and plan accordingly. For instance, in Ecuador, nighttime temperatures can be cool so “layering” is appropriate.

Ladies: Please wear conservative clothing to work, to worship services, and whenever leaving our place of lodging. Plan to bring a dress or skirt for wear when visiting churches. Shorts can be controversial in some foreign cultures. Knee-length apparel is acceptable in the evenings. Jeans are allowed.

Men: Pack one set of “nice casual” clothing in case we attend a local church. Typically, a sport coat or tie is not required. (In Africa, however, a dress shirt and tie are customary). Comfortable/casual to meetings. Jeans are allowed.