DCF mission trip to LaGonave, Haiti 2015

We have just returned from our final mission trip of 2015.  Once again we wrapped up with a visit to the West Indies Self Help (WISH) dental clinic on the island of LaGonave off the coast of Haiti.  Having the clinic in place provides a wonderful place for us to serve.

The team was made up of three dentists, five MUSC dental students and one CDA.  We arrived safely courtesy of American Airlines and Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF).  This is election time in Haiti and things were a bit more tense than usual, but the Wesleyan compound on LaGonave is a haven for teams.  We ate very well and slept more than usual as a result of our hard work and the warm temperature.

Each day long lines awaited our arrival at the clinic and most days by late afternoon we had served most who were patient with the delay.  We did lots restorative and hygiene care, along with lots of extractions.  Unlike many places where we visit, the Haitians were not as interested in having teeth restored as simply having them removed.  We never fully understood their mind-set in this regard.

WISH has new missionaries in charge and we were delighted to make some new friends who are all the way from Nova Scotia.  Only God could cause this couple to leave the cold north to come to live and work in hot Haiti.  Beth and Robin are great folks with a love for the Lord and the Haitian people and it was a privilege to work with them.  We were their first visiting team and yet, they did a great job of hosting us.  We look forward to returning next year.  Please consider coming along!


Haiti 15 pic 1 Haiti 2015 pic 2 Haiti 2015 pic 3