Prayer Support: DCF departs for Peru with a dental mission team of 19.

By January 17, 2015Mission Trips

Flag_of_Peru_04a-2A DCF team of 19 departs today for Peru to work along side Tambo De Gozo ministry in Pisac. A message from Susalee Sasser is below:

Dear Prayer supporters,
We leave at 2pm today for Pisac, Peru where we have worked 2x before with some lovely missionaries in their 80’s. We arrive at 9:30 am tomorrow

the internet access is very limited, but we will try to post updates on the DCF website. Please check it . Thanks

Please pray as lead.

Here are some suggestions

  • that all of us will grow in our love and relationship with the Lord
  • travel we have 3 change of planes Charlotte, Miami and Lima. Then the drive thru the mountains can be challenging…
  • customs tomorrow AM . We get to Lima at 5:30am.. Customs can be tricky there
  • we have 1 1/2 hrs to get thru customs, go outside to re-check in at LAN airlines where there can be 500 people in line.
  • good health
  • no accidents in clinic or as some go to Machu Picchu next Sat Jan 24
  • good fellowship
  • positive impact on the community
  • customs next Sun Jan 25 in Miami where we have been challenged… that we get thru in a timely manner to make our flight home and not have any problems
  • no altitude sickness. It is at 9000 ft
  • we will be a blessings to those we meet and serve them well
  • That the gospel be proclaimed in Peru this week for our good and for the glory of God

Thanks so much.
You are a part of our team and we really appreciate your help and support.

We have already had answered prayers
We got on a later flight and did not have to leave at 4am and stay 16 hrs in Miami
The 3 girls who went ahead on Thurs arrived safely with no problems


2 Cor 13:14