DCF 2018 Peru Team News

By November 30, 2017Jan Peru 2018, Peru Jan 2018

DCF Peru Team

Please email your flight itinerary to dentalcommunityfellowship@gmail.com. Following is Dr. Bill’s Flight.  Contact DCF before you book if your flights are not the same times.

DL 1350 CHS ATL 06 Jan 11:30 AM 06 Jan 12:44 PM

DL 0151 ATL LIM 06 Jan 05:51 PM 07 Jan 12:35 AM

AV839  LIM CUS 07 Jan 05:20 AM 07 Jan 6:39 AM

AV830 CUS LIM 13 Jan 5:08 PM 13 Jan 6:35 PM

DL 0150 LIM ATL 14 Jan 02:05 AM 14 Jan 08:53 AM

DL 1389 ATL CHS 14 Jan 12:15 PM 14 Jan 01:25 PM


Macchu Picchu: 

I have the following signed up for the Machu Picchu Trip:

Molly and Luke Pincelli, Carolyn Whittow, Stefan Wilkes, Stephanie Gene and Gerry George.

The cost of the excursion was $275 for the last trip.  Email dentalcommunityfellowship@gmail.com by Dec. 3 with a scanned copy of your passport, and let if you want to be added to the trip.

You can make your final payment for the trip online at dentalcommunityfellowship.net