Following are some possible flights for the 2020 Ecuador Spring Break Trip:

When making your flights, keep in mind we need all team members to arrive on Saturday the 7th to be met at the airport.  Once all flights have arrived we will arrange bus transportation. Currently Jet Blue, American and Delta all arrive close to midnight.

Returns on these three airlines leave late Saturday night or early Sunday morning on the returns.

If you book outside the parameters, you may be asked to pay the additional transportation fees.


Dr. Bill is on the below flight but he is leaving on Friday evening.

DL 1350 Sat. March 7 11:49 am CHS to ATL Sat. March 7 1:07 PM

DL673 Sat. March 7 ATL to UIO 6:14 PM Sat. March 7 11:36 PM

DL 680 Fri. March 13 UIO to ATL 11:30 PM Fri. March 14 5:39 AM

DL1350 Sat. March 14 ATL to CHS 9:40 am Sat. March 14 10:50 AM


Following is a low cost airfare out of Jacksonville. As of 12/31 it was around $600. A few students have already booked this flight.

Flight JB 717  Sat. March 7 10:25 am JAX to FLL March 7, 2020 11:42 am

Flight JB 2851 Sat. March 7 7:30 pm FLL to UIO March 7, 2020 11:48 PM

Flight JB 2950 Sat. March 14 11:59 PM to UIO to FLL Sun. March 15, 2020 5:10 am

Flight JB 1018 Sun. March 15 8:31 am FLL to JAX Sun. Mar 15 9:51 am