Dear Teammates,

Wishing each of you and your families a very Merry Christmas.  May Jesus be the center and honored as the reason for the Season.

Although there’s still lots of preparations that remain to be done, I am getting excited about our time together next month in Peru.  On paper we look like a great team.  There will be 7 graduate dentists, 9 senior students, Ed our eye-guy, 2 incredible interpreters, a helper friend, 3 wives and 1 husband.  This will give us enough help to do lots of routine restorative and hygiene as well as extractions.  In addition, Dr. Bob from Colorado will be bringing his endo items so that anterior root canals can be done.  Also, Dr. James continues to improve his technique for doing anterior partials in case of missing teeth. Talk about a “full service clinic”!

Please know of my appreciation to each of you for your participation on this team.  This will be the 5th year that we have visited Pisac.  It’s a lovely community with incredible natural beauty.  Unfortunately, it’s not very vibrant from a spiritual standpoint and it’s our prayer that God will use our visit not only to address dental issues, but to be an encouragement to the local missionaries as they labor to bring the good news of Jesus.

Katie and I are in the process of updating the DCF Handbook which we will try to have done soon and will forward a copy.  Until then, the older edition is on the website (click here).  Also, if anyone has questions, please let me know via email or phone (843-345-5025).

You can make your final payment for the trip online by clicking here. Dentists/helpers owe $750 and students owe $650 for final payment.

Blessings and thanks,