Dear Teammates,

1.  I trust that you are getting ready and excited about our departure next Saturday.  Let me draw your attention to the DCF Handbook which is found online at the DCF website.  If anyone has questions, please let me know.

2.  The theme for the week of our morning devotion time will be “God’s love”.  I would like volunteers to share each morning on this theme.  You can use any bible verse of your choosing.  For instance; “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.”  Psalm 136:1.

3.  Prior to our departure next week, Katie will send out information that you can leave with family at home as well as data for the Honduras customs form.  Check with your cell phone carrier to see if your phone will work overseas.  Internet is somewhat available where we will be staying.

4.  Please try to pack of your clothes, etc. in a carry-on bag.  You can also take a backpack without fee.  For those who are departing from Charleston, please open and print the Honduras 2016 Bags PDF linked to this email so you will have a copy for yourself to keep with you during transit.   I have packed 12 bags of dental supplies and when we meet at the airport prior to departure, you will be assigned one of these bags to check in.  Please do NOT check in at the airport until you have received a bag.  Briefly open the bag to look at the contents to say that you are aware of what it contains, take a photo on your phone so that you can recognize it in Honduras and go through the customs procedures with it.  It will be collected and taken to the Good Samaritan bus.

Thanks so much for using your time and talent in this effort.  I trust that we will be able to help lots of people with their dental issues, but more so, that each of us will grow in our knowledge and love of our Creator.

Dr. B