The Nicaragua Team returned safely home on Sunday, July 17.

nica dental set upThe team served almost 100 patients a day, most for multiple services.  In total close to 600 procedures were rendered. There was especially high demand for cleaning and fillings.  After a few technical challenges with the electricity where we were working and the air compressors powering our dental units, things went smoothly.

On Thursday the team divided in order to provide care in the local prison (built for 150, with an inmate population of 340). Our pastor host joined us and cleaned the prison and provided a hot meal to the prisoners, which his church does on a regular basis.
On Thursday afternoon one of the team dentists restored badly decayed upper front teeth for an 11 year old boy after the mother initially requested them to be removed. Tooth decay is the “sin” of the mouth which starts quietly, but can lead to destruction.  This was one of the high points of the trip, along with the joy of sharing time and labor with our dedicated church hosts.

God has been very faithful to DCF during the past 15 yeas and continues to provide the grace needed for each day’s tasks. Praises!

Thanks so much for your interest, support and prayers.

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nica dental set up